Bobby Reese

 On October 12, 1923 Robert C. Reese also known as Bobby was born in Nashville, TN.

In 1979, Bobby Reese decided to branch off from his father's business C.H. Reese & Sons and start Bobby Reese, Inc.

In 1990 Bobby Reese retired leaving the business to his son Joe Reese.

In 2003 Bobby Reese passed away.

C.H. Reese

On March 10, 1883 C.H. Reese was born in Mt. Juliet, TN.
In 1899, at the age of 16 C.H. Reese began working as a Tinsmith for McTieg Gutters & Roofing.
In 1916, C.H. Reese started C.H. Reese & Son's warm air furnaces, roofing, tin slate and galvanized iron work shop. In 1954, C.H. Reese passed away leaving his business to his children.

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